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What is a fence?

fence is a structure that encloses an area outdoors. This could be the garden of a residential property, a perimeter of a commercial or agricultural plot or to define a boundary between neighbouring households.

A fence is usually constructed from posts, made from either, timber, concrete or metal. The posts are connected by timber boards, timber panels, wire, rails, glass or netting. 

A fence differs from a wall due to the structure not needing to have a solid foundation along its whole length, instead its strength comes from the foundations from the posts.

Below we will look at just some of the vast range and varieties of fencing that is available and its uses, that not only can we supply for our clients but also erect for them too. Should there be a style that is not included in this list that may be of interest to you, then please let us know and we will accommodate you the best we can.

Agricultural Fence

Agricultural fencing is usually required to be installed for farm land or clients with large plots of land in the countryside. It is designed to not only form the boundary/perimeter of someone's land but, it is designed to keep livestock in their secure environment and stop them from escaping whilst keeping out any predators that could harm them.

The most popular type of fencing for agricultural land is, post and rail (as you can see in the photo) and stock fencing (which is a type of wiring fencing). These are usually installed on average at a height of 4ft but, in some circumstances they can be installed up to 6ft. This is popular with deer fencing.

Extra defence mechanisms are regularly added to these types of fencing, in the form of barbed wire and electric tape. 

Balustrade Fence

Balustrade fencing is usually installed to prevent people from falling over an edge. Most commonly, balustrade fencing is found on stairways and their landings, balconies, roofsbridges, cliffs, and swimming pools.

Most commonly used materials for this type of fencing is, timber, composite, metal and glass (pictured). They can be constructed in varying heights, but most commonly up to 4ft.

Chain link Fence

Chain link fencing is a wire mesh style fence that is made from galvanised steel. This type of fence is usually supplied with a green polyethylene coating around the wire, with the steel posts powder coated in green to match. It is also in some cases supplied with out coating in its natural galvanised state.

Constructed with the use of straining posts set in concrete, wire is fed through the intermediate posts on a fence run and attached to either end of the straining posts. The ends are then tightened so the wire is to the correct tension and the wire mesh fence is hung and clipped to the straining wire.

Available in various sizes from 3ft up to 10ft, it is often used in residential properties (up to 6ft) where the client would like the fence run to blend into the greenery beyond. 6ft and above, is most often used at commercial properties, schools and public area.

Closeboard Fence

Closeboard fencing, also known as featheredge fencing, is a strong robust type of fencing that is made using morticed posts, gravel boards, arris rails and vertical featheredge boards that are attached to the arris rails with nails. 

It is most commonly constructed in residential properties, to define the boundary of a household but, can also frame a garden to give it a brighter look.

Predominantly a timber fence, there are variations where by the posts and gravel boards are installed using other materials. These include, concrete, composite and metal.

Panel Fence

Panel fencing is the most common type of fence to be installed in residential properties. This is due to the vast quantities of different style panels that are available on the market that can completely change the look of the fence. It  is also one off the quickest type of fence to erect. This is due to the panels being pre made off the shelf and when installing a panel at a time, it will cover a 6ft area each time, thus meaning covering an area quicker.

Panels are supplied in timber with a couple of colour variations, green (natural) and brown.

What makes panel fencing so versatile is the different styles available. Some of which are, lap, closeboard, continental, slatted, double slatted and trellis. They are also available with different types of posts and gravel boards, timber, concrete, composite and metal.

Palisade Fence

Palisade fencing is very similar to the style of a picket fence, with having individual vertical lengths or 'slats'.  When referring to palisade fencing, generally it refers to lengths of 6ft and higher, predominantly made of steel. Traditionally timber was the material of choice but, metal ss the material of choice today and the timber is mainly used in the smaller picket fence.

It is most popular to be installed at commercial properties, schools and places like sports venues. Due to its height and robust form, it is perfectly suited to these locations, where 'crowd control' and safety is needed.

With the spikey ends and sheer height that this type of fence has, it is also useful as an anti intruder system.

Picket Fence

Picket fencing is generally a smaller style fence, with heights up to around 4ft. It is considered more of a 'decorative' fence that is traditionally painted white and therefor it is mainly installed at residential properties.

Picket fencing is perfect for identifying a boundary of a household whilst also not being too intrusive to the property. With its individual slats and low heights, it successfully lets light into the grounds of the property and also frames a garden well that is floral and full of greenery.


Gates are available in a wide range of styles and sizes. With all the different varieties of fence that are available, there is a gate that will match that system, for shape, size and material.

Individual gates, for driveways for example, range from heights of 3ft to 6ft and are available in different colours, materials and styles.

Timber gates are supplied in softwood and also hardwood, whist metal gates are either steel or wrought iron.

There is a gate for every need.