Big project in Ewhurst completed!!

Published on 27 November 2023 at 13:10

A job we recently completed in Ewhurst, Surrey. The clients were owners of a very popular local 'doggy day care', that were in need of help at one of their sites to make the area useful and functional for there business.

We provided a Concrete buff patio that is to be used in one of their dog sections. The area was extremely boggy and not very useable, but now have a very useful patio area.

An 'air lock' system was created to help the staff be able to remove the dogs safely from their vehicles into their doggy area without the risk of the dogs wondering off. We created this by installing stock fencing with machined round timber stakes and 5 bar field gates with 6x6 timber posts.

The driveway to the site also was in need of repair as over time this area became boggy and sinking. We excavated the area and installed a new sub base through out and into our newly constructed 'air lock system'. Gravel grids were then installed to help hold the top materials in place and road planings, which is old tarmac chip crushed up, were then spread over the whole driveway and compacted with a vibrating roller.

A bridge on the track was widened with a sleeper installation to make access to the business area easier, and the car par area was extended using the roads planings again to make the area more functional.

Very pleasant clients to work with and very pleased with the work Cherry Tree Landscapes provided. Job done!!

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