Terms & Conditions


1. Acceptance of the Estimate, costing where there are items clearly highlighted and agreed, means that the Client has read and understood the terms and conditions. Any queries should be clarified before the job has been specified and all costings (The Contract) are accepted and the stated work (written in the Contract) have begun.

2. All Contracts must be confirmed in writing before work commences. By way of Email confirmation or written acceptance letter. Both procedures should reference the date, client's name, address, and a statement of acceptance of the terms and conditions. Doing so confirms a legally binding contract.

3. No liability can be accepted for any changes to the work as stated in the Contract, unless client and contractor have agreed in writing.

4. Any additional works carried out, on instruction from the Client, will incur charges that have not been stated in the Contract. Additional labour will be charged and extra materials shall be quoted for and agreed to, before the extra work is carried out.

5. Estimates: Our Company uses estimates as the details of works can change frequently, Type of materials, amount of materials and/or labour costs are factors in this. Therefore the final invoice is final, this could differ more or less than the original estimate.

6. Estimates are valid for 30 days from date of issue only. After which a new estimate will be required.

7. Cherry Tree Landscapes will request a 10%-30% deposit upfront for larger projects to get works underway. All deposits will be discussed and agreed with clients prior to works commencing. Remaining balance payable at completion of agreed contract.

8. We ask that the Client ensures there is adequate access, for example, any vehicles or other obstacles that may be blocking access routes, to be cleared before the team arrives. Neighbours are notified where access is required to carry out the work. We also politely ask, if any clients have dogs, please remove any dog mess. If for any reason the job cannot be carried out the team will leave the site and you may still be charged.

9. The Client should inform Cherry Tree Landscapes of any services that may obstruct the work due to be carried out before commencing. This includes; Water, gas, electric, drainage, sewage and or any other hazardous obstructions known by the client.

10. Should any damages occur to services and or any other obstructions outlined in clause 9, that the client has failed to inform prior to the works commencement, Cherry Tree Landscapes cannot be held responsible. It will be the clients responsibility to arrange services required to repair and cover all charges.

11. If permission is required due to ownership from another authority, it is the clients responsibility to  ensure they have obtained all permissions, given any notices and paid fees if required. Clients may request Cherry Tree Landscapes to carry this out on their behalf. Any permissions required will need to be confirmed in writing from the relevant authority and a copy given to Cherry Tree Landscapes by way of either email or letter.

12. Failure to comply with the requests outlined in clause 11, before work commences, the client stands accountable and must compensate for any loss, claims or proceedings against Cherry Tree Landscapes.

13. Cherry Tree Landscapes shall maintain full ownership on all goods and materials on site until payment has been made in full. Cherry Tree Landscapes reserves the right to gain free access to site to recover mentioned goods and materials.

14. Any materials or goods delivered or stored at work site, are done so at the clients risk. Cherry Tree Landscapes excludes liability to the client for any damage, loss or cost of any kind.

15. Materials that are made to a bespoke design or manufactured to specific measurements, if for any reason site works cannot be performed or continued, the clients will be liable to cover all costs and charges.

16. If contracted works are not able to be performed or not able to be completed for reasons beyond our control or for unforeseen circumstances, the client is responsible for full payment of materials and goods, should the suppliers refuse returns. Other costs will be negotiated with clients.

17. Cherry Tree Landscapes cannot accept liability for any damage caused to work by extreme weather conditions, ground movement or tree roots.

18. Cherry Tree Landscapes offers a 1 year guarantee on its works. Any time after this will be considered 'wear and tear', therefore our company cannot accept liability if this occurs.

19. After care: If aftercare is suggested for works that has been undertaken, it is the clients responsibility to maintain the course of action suggested by our team. Cherry Tree Landscapes cannot accept liability if suggested course of action is not maintained and any sort of damage occurs.

20. Congestion & Parking Charges: where applicable, congestion and parking/permit charges levied on work vehicles attending work site, will be charged to the client along with the costs agreed in the contract at completion of job.

21. Payment to be made at completion of work or within 7 days of completion. Late payments beyond our 7 day payment terms will incur a 5% weekly interest charge.

22. Any concerns or complaints should be given to Cherry Tree Landscapes within 7 days of completion of works.